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“George Guerrette’s approach as a composer balances intuitive support with infinitesimal detail. He knows how to play the story point without hitting you over the head with blatant cliché. His music is always emotionally ‘bang-on’ without ever stealing the scene. A fresh sound offering definitely worth consideration.”

Mike Northcott, Supervising Music Producer, Nelvana Ltd.

“Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your work on the Pet Squad music. We are nothing short of hugely impressed. As broadcaster BBC put it, ‘it’s spot on’. George - you really HAVE nailed it.”

Fiona Robinson, “Pet Squad” Series Producer, Darrall Macqueen Ltd.

“I worked with George on the first season of The Very Good Adventures of Yam Roll in Happy Kingdom. George continuously knocked the music out of the park. Regardless of whether we had a specific reference, or horribly vague ideas of what the overall feel should be, George was able to put together tracks that picked up the show to the ridiculous level we were looking for. It was fun working with him. GG is one talented dude.”

Jon Izen, “Yam Roll” Creator &  Director, March Entertainment.

“...Almost everyone who sees the show comments on how much they like the music and how much it adds to the show. Your very capable and caring work made this a much richer production than it ever would have been without your score.”

Chris Paton, Producer, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

“George is great to work with; he is able to take direction while offering many creative suggestions which greatly enhanced our production. His scoring is colourful and rich in texture. I highly recommend George; he has a rare combined gift of the creative mixed with an ability to communicate and work well with people.”

John Kim Bell, Producer, Indspire Awards

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