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George Guerrette

Whether scoring for live sessions or creating DAW-based or hybrid scores, I love to delve into textures both instrumental and harmonic.


The son of a trombonist, composer and conductor father, and a mother who was a professional singer (they did many CBC Radio gigs, touring with Canada’s best big bands during WWII) — AND as the youngest of five kids hearing what my siblings were into — I was exposed to a huge array of music that seemed to imprint upon my nascent creativity years before I commenced my studies. This diversified conditioning has served me well throughout my thirty-plus years in the film, TV (and now streaming) industries, seeing where my collaborators and I can go creatively on a project to realize the vision of a score.

George Guerrette - Hi RES - Branding Pho

My first solo series, Nelvana Animation's “Moville Mysteries”, was a plum opportunity where the score could be considered “anti-cartoon”. Consisting of many brooding, darker textures and, at times, intense abstract atonality, there were some moments during playback sessions where I'd brace for a negative response to some outrageous cue . . . but that never happened. It was thrilling to be on that ride together, exploring such musical places for a series! And so, that process of working collaboratively and openly to reveal options and bead in on the gold is the true joy for me -- and to hopefully have fun together through the process.

Over these past decades, from documentaries to series to national broadcast commercials, I’ve been blessed to work on projects that have aired on every major Canadian network, as well as on PBS in The United States and The BBC in The United Kingdom. A surprising realization I had only a couple of years ago, thanks to the distribution of projects I’ve worked on, is that my music has been heard on every inhabited continent on the planet -- well before internet streaming became commonplace!

My wonderful wife and I live in Toronto, Canada, and our son is currently a Presidential Scholar at The Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

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