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Selected Projects

Artcore Productions documentary, “Kundalini: Reflections of The Inner Light”.


Artcore Productions documentary series, “Tender Souls”.


Canwest/Global Television’s “The Heart And Stroke Health Show”.


Canwest/Global Television, Network's  “The Mystery Channel”.

ID package.


Catalyst Entertainment series, “Ace Lightning”. Contributing composer to Stacy Hersh,
Scoring episodes for two seasons.


Catalyst Entertainment series, “Noddy”. Contributing composer to Stacy Hersh,
Scoring episodes for two seasons.


CBC, “CBC Kids” network

ID package.


CBC awards special, “The Canadian Sport Awards”.

Theme, nominee packs.

CBC Montreal English news broadcast, “Newswatch”.

Theme. Composed with Andy McNeill.

CBC series, “The Nature of Things”. “Race” and “Wetlands” episodes.


CBC series, “Jonovision”.

Theme, bumpers and beds. Composed with Andy McNeill.

CBC dramatic anthology, “The Four Directions”.
Theme and underscoring. Composed with John Kim Bell.


CBC behind-the-scenes documentary, “The Making of Canada: A People’s History”.
Composed with Bruce Fowler.


CBC awards special, “The National Aboriginal Achievement Awards”.

Served for several years on this annual show.

Theme, bumpers, score video profiles of recipients, arrange production numbers.

CBC special, “The Magic of Canada”.

Theme and scoring.

Chesler/Perlmutter Productions movie, “The Case For Christmas”.
Contributing composer to Stacy Hersh.


Comet Entertainment series, “Fun Farm”.

Score. 52x7 episodes. Composed small music library, designed with flexibility.


CTV series, “Question Period”.



Discovery Channel documentary, “Wired Women”.
Contributing composer to Jack Lenz. Theme and Score.


Kirk W. Murray “Foreclosure”. L.A.-based independent dramatic short.


Kirk W. Murray “The Stuck Ones”. L.A.-based independent dramatic short.


Loten Media series, “Mighty Machines”.

Composed library music for season 3.


March Entertainment series, “Yam Roll”.
Scoring of 39x11 episodes. Airing on the CBC and The Cartoon Network in the USA.


March Entertainment /Darrall MacQueen series, “Pet Squad”.
Scoring of 52x11 episodes. Airing on CBBC in the UK and elsewhere.


Nelvana series, “The Day My Butt Went Psycho”.



Nelvana series, “Moville Mysteries”.
Scoring of 39x26 episodes.


Nelvana series, “Cyberchase”.


Nelvana series, “Rotting Hills”.

Scoring of four episodes as part of an anthology.

Nelvana special, “Rumplestiltskin”.


Netflix series, “Mighty Express”. Music video arrangement,

Subcontracted by Vapor Music.


NFB documentary, “No Turning Back”.


NFB short, Governor General's Performing Arts Award recipient profile, John Kim Bell.

Northbridge Programming

ID package for “Trio” network. 


Salter Street Films/CBC Newsworld series, ”Canadian Investor”.



ScreenArts Incorporated series, ”Russ Thompson’s Roses”.


Shaftesbury Films series, “Overruled!”.
Several episode-specific songs.


Shaftesbury Films series, “Mischief City”.
Score. 52x11 episodes. Airing on YTV.


Spinfree Productions documentary film, “Inside The Teenage Brain”.

Score. Airing on CTV and PBS’ “Frontline”.

Spinmaster Productions Netflix series, "Mighty Express".

Single song composition sub-contracted by Vapor Music. 

Stay Tuned TV series pilot “C.A.T.S.” (Covert Anti-Espionage Team).


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