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Over thirty-five years of industry experience.

George Guerrette - Hi RES - Branding Pho

"Whether creating for live sessions or DAW-based / hybrid music,

I love to delve into textures both instrumental and harmonic."

George Guerrette - Hi RES - Branding Pho

Select Broadcast Clients

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“George Guerrette’s approach to scoring balances intuitive support with infinitesimal detail. His music is always emotionally ‘bang-on’ without ever stealing the scene."

Mike Northcott, Supervising Music Producer, Nelvana Ltd.

"We are nothing short of hugely impressed. As broadcaster BBC put it, ‘it’s spot on’. George - you really HAVE nailed it.” 

Fiona Robinson, “Pet Squad” Series Producer, Darrall Macqueen Ltd.

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